Instagram is a platform that has become indispensable for social media marketing. There is a target audience that is mostly around or under 35 years of age and especially appreciates visual content. The platform offers easy ways to increase the reach of the company and show a different side of everyday business.

Instagram for small and medium businesses

Many small and medium-sized companies are reluctant to use this platform or have few Instagram followers. If you don't use this platform for social media marketing, you'll miss out on many customers because the network is optimally designed for B2C communication. Especially if a company wants to appeal to a younger audience or generally wants to make its image younger, Instagram is ideal.

In principle, every company benefits from the network. What is important when using this platform is that it works strongly with visual stimuli. Longer text is possible, but the focus is on a photo or video clip. Companies should keep this in mind when using Instagram, because image material should already be stocked up so that the creation of posts can be made more efficient.

Use opportunities and optimize your profile

Successful use of Instagram goes hand in hand with ongoing maintenance of the profile. Of course, this includes filling out the profile completely and also containing all current company data. Instagram followers like to use all possibilities, which is why not only meaningful pictures can be published in their own profile, but also stirring stories should be published.

These are photos or clips that disappear again after 24 hours. However, if you save the stories, you can make them available to the target audience indefinitely. Stories are a good way to bring short-term updates that may be explained in more detail in the feed in a few days. This constantly attracts Instagram followers to the profile to stay up to date.

Publish appropriate content

One problem that many profiles struggle with is the lack of Instagram followers. This fact can have many reasons. Basically, companies that use Instagram should publish posts regularly and always at the same time. On average, three to five posts should be published per week. With the help of Instagram insights, companies can find out when users most often read their posts and then post the posts in the optimal time range.

An important factor for successful social media marketing is the publication of content that actually interests users. A snapshot from everyday office life can be funny, but often has no added value for the user. Successful profiles like Rossmann's show how social media marketing works on Instagram. Instead of constantly promoting customers with products and discounts, the company also uses the platform to share helpful tips that may only be indirectly related to the company. These are, for example, styling or make-up tips. In this way, they offer added value for customers and do not just place pure advertising.

Find partners

A company can learn tips on how successful social media marketing works from the top influencers on Instagram. Fashion and lifestyle bloggers are extremely successful, which of course does not mean that other sectors can also work successfully with Instagram. One of the most successful bloggers is Leonie Hanne with a brand value of almost eleven million euros. In order to get followers, it can make sense for companies to cooperate with successful influencers. Advertising on other platforms or a reference to the profile on Instagram on all channels used is also helpful.