Since a few days we have many new Auto Like products online. The advantage is - your posts / photos are advertised fully automatically.

Our system automatically scans daily your Instagram, Youtube or Facebook page for new posts / photos.
These new posts / photos will then be automatically promoted on our network.

New Auto Like products

  • Instagram Auto Like Marketing
  • Instagram Follower + Auto Like Marketing
  • Youtube Auto Views Marketing
  • Youtube Abonnenten + Auto Views Marketing
  • Facebook Auto Like Marketing
  • Facebook Fans + Auto Like Marketing


  • Your Instagram, Youtube / Facebook page is automatically checked daily for new posts (text, pictures, videos)
  • Potential customers read your posts and like it
  • You no longer have to copy and promote post URLs individually from your page
  • You can see exactly how many likes your posts get
  • You can decide how many Likes per new post / photo will be awarded maximum
  • The Auto Likes will not expire - you'll get the new likes when you post something new