Buying Instagram followers – when it can be useful and helpful, and what you should pay attention to

Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram have their own rules, and if you want to be successful on these platforms, you have to set up your business well. Social media marketing is very important right from the start, especially for beginners. On Instagram, success is directly related to the number of followers, so Instagram followers are the key to perfect Instagram marketing.

A website without traffic is like a concert without visitors

Traffic - website visitors - are the lifeline of every website that offers something, regardless of whether you want to win leads or new customers, or offer something - this can also be information.

How much is a fan or follower worth to a company?

Are followers reserved exclusively for young people who create their videos on YouTube? On the contrary: well-known companies rely on fans and followers to make their own product range accessible to a wide audience. Today, this also means that well-known influencers are supported by corporations. Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important. Here you can actively recruit the younger generation to promote your own company.

The best time for social media postings in corporate marketing

For companies, postings on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are an important way to get in touch with their target group. It depends on the right social media strategy: Which topics are particularly well received in the last quarter of the year and when should they be posted?

Ever-changing social media marketing and what it means for your business

Marketing on social media has changed rapidly in recent years. What worked a few years ago may not work today, and new platforms and methods are emerging all the time. This can make it difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest trends and best practices.

Success on social media using the example of Facebook

When it comes to social media, companies often make the same mistakes over and over again. Here are some of the most common ones - and how to avoid them.

How YouTube can be used by companies to acquire customers

What are the possibilities of acquiring new customers through YouTube and what are the decisive advantages of the popular video platform for companies?

Social media - Instagram phenomenon for companies

Instagram is a platform that has become indispensable for social media marketing. There is a target audience that is mostly around or under 35 years of age and especially appreciates visual content. The platform offers easy ways to increase the reach of the company and show a different side of everyday business.

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Snakelink GmbH takes over the entire Europe business of fanSlave

The Snakelink GmbH takes over the entire Europe advertising area of the well-known fanSlave system on 1.12.2018. Due to the rapid growth of the system, an optimization was sought in order to better serve the European customers. The fanSlave EU certified Reseller Shop will be operational on 1.12.2018. New and simplified payment systems and an improved support system are offered.