Automatic Instagram Post Likes

instagram auto post likes europeYou have thousands of Instagram Follower - but no one clicks on your posts? We've got the solution!

fanSlave starts today with a new, innovative product in Instagram marketing.
Do not just buy Follower for your Instagram page - you also fully automatically advertise all your Instagram posts (text, pictures, videos).

Starting today, you can enable this option for your campaign with us.

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  • Your Instagram page will be scanned fully automated daily for new posts (text, pictures, videos)
  • All new posts will be promoted according to your audience (target) and limits
  • Your Instagram page is advertised comprehensively and purposefully (targeted)
  • Potential customers read your posts and like it if they think it is a good one
  • You no longer have to copy and promote post Instagram URLs individually from your page


instagram auto post likes settingsPossibilities

  • You can enable, disable or configure the new Instagram option at any time
  • You decide how many likes are applied per post and in total
  • You can view all found Instagram post and also exclude individual ones from advertising
  • You can see exactly how many likes your Instagram posts get online
  • You can watch and customize your automatic Instagram post campaign anytime

Try it today!
It's easy!

The visitors can be selected by country, language, age and gender.

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